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Course Description
Course Name:  Biology
Subject: Science
Course Number: 2000310
Credit Earned: 1.0 credit
Prerequisites: None

Course description: “It’s alive!”  You might hear this scream when the hero encounters an alien life form in a science fiction movie.  But how does the hero know it’s really alive?  What does it mean to be “alive”?  How many different life forms are there?  What keeps all the billions of cells in an animal's body or plant working together?  You’ll have to take a tour with the BioVenture Travel Agency to find out.

This is a course with real relevance.  It’s all about the living things on this planet, and the way they connect together.  In this course, the BioVenture Travel Agency will send you on tours like Safari Quest, Classification Cruise, Genetic Park Excursion, and on an all-expense-paid trip to the Egyptian pyramids.  You’ll also perform a series of lab experiments right in your own home.

Modern technology offers us many choices for manipulating and observing biological processes.  The more we know about the science of biology the better.

Scope & Sequence:     
Module 1:  Welcome to BioVentures Travel Agency
Module 2:  Extreme Eco Adventure Tour
Module 3:  Ancient Wonder Adventure
Module 4:  Genetic Park
Module 5:  Classification Cruise Adventure
Module 6:  The Triple T Dude Ranch
Module 7:  Project BioDome
Module 8:  Animal Kingdom Safari Quest

This course integrates the Goal 3 Student Performance Standards of the Florida System of School Improvement and Accountability as appropriate to the content and processes of the subject matter of this course.

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