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Course Name GED: Key to Success

Subject: General Educational Development

Course Number: 9900026

Prerequisites: Entering students must take a test to determine basic academic skill

levels (test most prescribed is TABE, published by McGraw-Hill).

A reading score of 9.0 in Reading is required before beginning any GED preparation course.

Course Description: The GED: Key to Success course uses the motif of keys—keys that unlock each student’s academic potential. Students review lessons in five academic areas: writing skills, social studies, science, literature, and mathematics. Practice quizzes and exam questions, along with the expert advice of the instructor, prepare the student for the test. Enrollment is generally on an open entry/open exit schedule.

Scope & Sequence: Language Arts – Reading

Module 1: General Information

Module 2: Poetry

Module 3: Prose Fiction

Module 4: Non-fiction

Module 5: Drama

Module 6: Arts and Literature


Language Arts – Writing

Module 1: Punctuation

Module 2: Capitalization

Module 3: Sentence Structure

Module 4: Usage


Language Arts – Essay

Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Writing Paragraphs

Module 3: Writing the Essay

Module 4: Polishing the Paper



Module 1: Decimals

Module 2: Fractions

Module 3: Ratios/Proportions/Percents

Module 4: Algebra

Module 5: Geometry

Module 6: Measurements/Conversions

Module 7: Statistics/Probability

Calculator Training



Module 1: General Information

Module 2: Life Science

Module 3: Physical Science

Module 4: Earth and Space Science


Social Studies

Module 1: Economics

Module 2: History

Module 3: Geography

Module 4: Political Science


GED Practice Exam


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